Tree Climb Australia

Access to the treetops
Safe, proven, lightweight on-rope techniques
Exploring the arboreal world
in the tallest flowering treetops
Professional technical services
for film, science, tourism, and more

Australia is home to
the world’s tallest flowering trees,
the most ancient rainforests,
and some of the strangest plants on Earth..

There’s an entire world up there.

Let’s go exploring!


Safe and efficient on-ropes climbing into the high frontier

Film & TV

Skills and experience for rigging, planning, and on-camera interpretation


Teaching practical techniques to work in the treetops


Extensive experience with wildlife and ecology projects


Botanical, zoological, and environmental


Tailor-made boutique adventures for the intrepid


Multimedia educational outputs for students young and old


Expeditions and documentation of new environments

About Us

We've been internationally active in treeclimbing for science, media, environmental arboriculture, and exploration since 2001.

Treetop research, filmmaking, training, and technical services since 2001

Tree Climb Australia is the preeminent Australian provider of work-at-height treeclimbing services for complex, precision, and technical projects. Tree Climb Australia brings unmatched international experience to demanding media, science, and conservation projects in the treetops.

We have a proven track record of safety while working in the planet’s most challenging forests with several of the most prestigious and significant documentary and scientific organisations. We provide access, knowledge, delicacy, and practical logistics far beyond tree-lopping and urban tree maintenance.

Tree Climb Australia serves clients across Australia and overseas.

  • International experience

    Australia, New Zealand, United States, Canada, Borneo, New Caledonia, India, Ghana, United Kingdom, Belgium, Honduras, Singapore, Indonesia, Mexico, South Africa, Uganda, Japan, Fiji, Papua New Guinea

  • Solid research credentials and publication record

    Published scientists in ecology, wildlife conservation, & natural history. Succesful projects completed with a wide range of universities, businesses, & agencies.

  • On-Rope expertise across multiple disciplines

    Certified Tree Climbing Instructor + Industrial Rope Access + Aerial Rescue + Caving + Mountaineering + Canyoneering

  • Experience and contacts nationwide and overseas

    Direct experience in all of the major forested regions of Australia. Treetop experience in several of the Earth’s tallest and largest trees. Unique international network and experience.

  • Wide-ranging media experience

    We’ve worked on: Film + TV + Photo + Magazine + Newspaper + Web + Immersive Technologies


➤ Tree Climb Australia draws upon twenty years of forest exploration on multiple continents.

Camera rigging in the ultra-giant gum trees
Accessing the treetops in the Western Australian karri forest
With the Treeclimbers International in Atlanta
Conducting research with The Nature Conservancy
Studying the canopy biodiversity of the Pacific coastal evergreen rainforest
At work in the western redcedar forests
Measuring the height of the tallest flowering plants
Studying the aerial plants of the ancient New Zealand kauris
Discovering French accrobranche technique in New Caledonia
Conducting the first on-ropes arthropod biodiversity study in the Tasmania gums

YD Bar-Ness

first came to Tasmania in 2002 as a research treeclimber from Seattle and has nurtured an obsession with these magical forests since then.

After conducting the first on-ropes biodiversity survey in the giant eucalyptus trees, he spent the next few years conducting wildlife projects with in the Rocky Mountains, running a canopy arthropod study for The Nature Conservancy, and documenting famous and remarkable Indian trees as a Fulbright Scholar.

Grant Harris

studied arboriculure in the United Kingdom and worked at the Oxford Botanical Gardens before beginning a career in canopy access for film, research, and training.

He has worked extensively in Borneo, Honduras, Ghana, and New Guinea before settling in Australia. As Ironbark Environmental Arboriculture he is actively studying the intersection of arboriculture and ecological values.